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LiONCooler Battery Solar Freezer

A Pioneer of Battery Fridge

Leisure, Pleasure, Emergency, Medical Storage.

Solar Panels on Roof

What BIG Problem does LiONCooler help solve?

LiONCooler Battery Solar Freezer

Cordless Power that enables Smart controlled 12v electric chilling of drinks/food without ice, anywhere, anytime, on the go!

The LiONCooler Pro features a powerful temperature control system that can maintain a steady temperature even in the most extreme environments engineered with a DC compressor and a long-lasting Lithium-ion battery, giving you up to 12 hours of uninterrupted chilling.

Alexa Young, Product Manager


LIONCooler Pro  30/40/50L


        The LiONCooler Pro has all of the advantages of your home’s refrigerator, but it’s designed to be completely portable, battery-operated, and cordless, so you can take it with you in your car, RV, boat, camping, fishing, tailgating and you want to enjoy cold food and drinks.

Dual Function: Refrigeration Beyond Freezing

LiONCooler Pro features both functions powered by its high-quality DC Compressors. Simply adjust the desired function at any time using the device’s LCD display—choosing from -18℃ Freezing to a milder adjustable Chilling function, without having its temperature affected by the weather.

LiONCooler Pro is designed to be as convenient as a trolley bag. Simply pull the telescopic handle and you’re good to go. Seamlessly take your LiONCooler Pro anywhere, without lifting or holding it, and enjoy its robust all-terrain 6 inches extra-large wheels that will literally let you take it off-road.

Functional and Super-handy Details

Bottle Opener & Holder

Accessory Pouch

Tie-down Straps & All-terrain Wheels


X230 New Battery Multi-function|Storage Pouches|Cup Holder|90  Watt Foldable|Portable Solar Panel|Solar/Car/AC Cable

Smart APP Control

If temperature changes outdoors or if you simply want to adjust the chilling temperature of the device, you can adjust the cooler’s temperature on the digital LCD display or remotely, from its free Bluetooth App available for iOS or Android.


Monitor the temperature of the cooler without hassle. With the App, you can check out the temperature anytime and adjust it with one simple tap.

It is not necessary to keep LiON Mini plugged into your car or an electrical outlet during use. The long-lasting Lithium-ion battery can operate for up to 10 hours of uninterrupted chilling between charges.

LiON Mini has 3 fast charging methods including AC power, DC charging, and solar, giving users the ultimate in versatility and power in any situation. Plug it into the AC outlet to charge at home, power it with a 12V vehicle charger in your car, or get charged up with solar power while off the grid.


While you want some things frozen, others should be refrigerated. LiON Mini features both functions powered by its high-quality DC Compressor. the temperature range of the LiON Mini can be adjusted to -18° without having temperature affected by the weather or ambient conditions. Your items stay at the perfect temp so they are always ready for you.

With specially designed sizes for the space between front seats, LiON Mini aims to be your car's central fridge. All functions design allows you to take chilled food and beverages right within your reach and enjoy cool drinks and food on the road.
The LiON Mini lid can open from both left and right side, and the lid can also be completely removed to grab food or beverages in an easy way or in order to wash it.


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